The Project Conceptual and Simulation Modeling of Ecosystems for the Internet of Things (KoMEIN) is being developed with the financial support of the National Scientific Fund, call for Fundamental Research Funding 2016,
contract No. 02/1 / 13.12.2016
The project duration is three years.

The theme of the project is with highly interdisciplinary nature. Factors to carry out interdisciplinary research include the inherent complexity of Internet of Things ecosystems’ field and the pursuit of research problems at the interfaces between different sectors and disciplines. Basic methods to support interdisciplinary research process in this project are conceptual analysis and clear articulation and formulation of assumptions; implementing a flexible model of the research process; using the methods of dialogue with stakeholders and very important team activity. The project activities are consistent with trends in European research in the field of Internet of Things and best practices in the thematic area. The project results – models, methodologies, tools and software platform will be experimented, tested, analyzed and improved in conducting case studies in various Internet of Things ecosystem, while it will promote the development of scientific potential and intensive development of intelligent solutions. To achieve the main research objective 4 work packages (WP1. – WP4.) have been defined. All activities related to the dissemination and multiplication of the project results are united in FP5., and those associated with effective management of the project – FP6:

WP1. Models of innovative ecosystems of the Internet of Things;
WP2. Conceptual modeling and simulation of sensitive networks as the basis of the infrastructure of the Internet of Things;
WP3. Conceptual and software modeling platform for the Internet of Things;
WP.4. Modeling and analysis of large data sets with application in medicine;
WP5. Dissemination
WP6. Project Management